Retrofitting Work

Sun Tech Engineers offers best in the market retrofitting work for a wide variety of clients. We offer to retrofit services because we believe in perfecting already installed systems so that they are optimized to their maximum potential. Every system has to be periodically upgraded with newer technology to ensure longevity and better performance. We understand the need for retrofitting work and how a small upgradation can make our client’s life easier and better. Retrofitting services help in the reduction of damages during an earthquake, and save lives during such natural disasters. Our services are totally cost effective and give the best output.

Sun tech Engineers specifically offers various at the site retrofitting services to ensure least amount of time is consumed while bringing in the modifications. We provide services like breaker replacement, Breaker Busbar Modification, MCCB Replacement, fitting additional starter in the MCC or installing additional feeders to PCC and so on.

The modifications done during retrofitting work make the structures resistant to many things like ground motion, soil failure induced by an earthquake, seismic activity etc. We are your best choice for retrofitting works because we are seasoned manufacturers and we assure flawless modifications that will upgrade your system without any hassle.